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Jay-Z’s YouTube Strategy

If you know me, then it’s no secret that I’m a pretty big Jay-Z fan. I was also born in NJ and followed the Nets for a while. So when Jay-Z bought into the Nets’s ownership and subsequently moved them … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Digital Landscape

It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a fan of adtech. I love theĀ dispersionĀ of messages. I love the art contained within a well done advertisement. Mass communication technologies have always fascinated me. The power contained within them … Continue reading

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The Sweeter Spot & Startup Bulls

I read Dave McClure’s ‘Screw The Black Swans‘ post which was in response to Paul Graham’s ‘Black Swan Farming‘ post a few weeks back when they were initially published. Lots of great thoughts in both but one idea/image has stuck … Continue reading

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