Tomorrow’s Digital Landscape

It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a fan of adtech. I love the dispersion of messages. I love the art contained within a well done advertisement. Mass communication technologies have always fascinated me. The power contained within them is simply amazing. It’s what made me a real college radio nerd. What brings this fascination and amazement to new heights for me is two things:

  1. the way the web has made it easily accessible for me to broadcast a message (via twitter, facebook, wordpress, tumblr, etc.)
  2. and the way that the web has enabled broadcast communications to go from a 1-way messaging vehicle to a 2-way conversation platform

I can check my Facebook page and Coke, the multi-billion dollar business with hundreds of millions in advertising budgets, is faced with a leveled playing field in communicating their message to me. Coke has the same share of my attention as do my cousins in high school and middle school.

This is a very roundabout way of introducing this video discussion of Fred Wilson doing a live Q&A with Dave Morgan at ad:tech NY. I’ve followed @Fred from when I first heard of Twitter back in 07 as he was an early investor. He’s a true visionary and has a demonstrated track of successful investments. He shares a lot of great thoughts in the talk here about the evolution of and the technological innovations within advertising and marketing. In particular check out the discussion around native ad experiences and mobile nuances at 25 minutes in. For any adtech enthusiasts, I recommend sitting back and taking the hour to give this a watch.

Fred Wilson and Dave Morgan: Tomorrow’s Digital Landscape from ad:tech on

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