My First Blog Post… Again

I’m excited about this next phase of my blogging endeavors here at This is my first post having moved my domain onto WordPress (many thanks Andy for the assistance). I had somewhat of a false start getting this site up and running previously. I started off on Tumblr and was never able to configure the site settings quite the way I wanted. I plan to detail my Tumblr experience in a later post. But now that I’m satisfied with the layout and design here, I’d like to outline a few things for you, my dear, future readers… though this is mostly for my own clarification.

Mission Statement

There are two primary goals I’m looking to accomplish in maintaining this blog. The first is to use this as a way to sharpen my thoughts and views. I believe that blogging will force me to articulate a stance and opinion which will hone my overall thinking. The second goal is to build more personal connections and communicate with others who are intellectually engaged in the topics I chose to write about. And while I’m at it, I’m going to add a third goal which is basically a combination of the prior two. I hope that through the discourse of commenter’s feedback, it will challenge my way of thinking to further hone my views while giving me a new way to look at things.

I aim to post once a week here. When I see other blogs that post less frequently than that, it feels stale. But I’m not going to commit to more than that. If I do end up posting more regularly… bonus. And if I end up falling short, hey, nobody is perfect.

Lastly, I aim to maintain a focus of topics here. There are a bunch of other great blogs out there that cover a lot of ground. In some cases, I feel they try to cover too much ground. I’ve always steered towards blogs that keep to a relatively consistent theme. The tagline I wrote states this blog is “Mostly thoughts on business, startups, and technology.” I intendto stick to that so for those who navigate here, you can know what to expect for the most part.

That is not to say business, startups, and technology are the extent of my interests which is why I’ve also created a page tab for my Tumblog. In launching jamestheiii here on WordPress, I’ve also launched a new Tumblog to coincide.  I’ll post mostly about art, music, fashion, and other cultural related tidbits over there for anyone who cares or is interested.

Further Context

I really am a third. James Francis O’Connor III that is. I hope the URL I selected doesn’t come off as lofty or pompous. Its just that was already taken (and yes, I’m not going to hyperlink that URL out of spite). The same went for my Twitter handle. Plus, I figure it better to keep the consistency. And as for the header image, I grabbed that from a nifty site called It provides you with a visualized timeline of all your geo/social checkins. I felt it was a good representation of me in that it depicts my use of social technologies (Foursquare in this case) while illustrating where I live and where I’ve been.

If there’s anything I’ve missed or haven’t covered in this inaugural post, please leave me a comment and I’ll get with the updating.

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  • James O’Connor

    text 1,2

  • Brian

    All right, you have at least one viewer. Time to say something interesting or pay the price or losing these quickly approaching middle age eyeballs. I am key demo man, mae me stick.

  • Jim the Only

    I technically have heard of startup businesses, so your blog is right up my alley. Please continue.

  • James O’Connor

    @Brian, I’d like to point out that I have two viewers now thanks to my good friend Jim the Only.

  • Patty Linnon

    Like the mission. I’ll check in here to see if you have anything to say.